Mood Active volunteer, Theresa Lintvelt, was keen to experience the program first-hand and joined Cam for a session of cardio tennis. Here’s how she found her first session.

“It was a cloudy Wednesday morning and I was braving Sydney traffic to get a first-hand experience of a cardio tennis session, run by Mood Active’s co-founder – Cam Wilson.

I had recently joined the ranks of Mood Active’s volunteers as a content writer. Participating in an actual class would give me some valuable insights into the program and its participants, and so I signed up for one of the 8 am sessions.

I had found Mood Active by chance when looking for volunteering opportunities on the Seek website. What attracted me was the ethos and vision of the organisation. With a history of depression and anxiety in my immediate family, I know all too well that participation in exercise programs can deliver powerful benefits.

It was with some trepidation that I stepped onto the court, clutching my tennis racquet. As a left-hander who had not played tennis in more than three decades, I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I can imagine that many participants attending their first class might feel equally challenged by the prospect of starting an 8-week program. But Cam’s welcoming smile together with his vibey music selection made me feel that I too could master cardio tennis. I joined the other participants, who’d been coming to the sessions for a few weeks, for a quick warm-up that got our heart rates up and our muscles in shape for some more serious sets.

With some tennis coaching tips from Cam and encouragement from my fellow classmates, it was easy to get into the rhythm of cardio exercises interspersed with some bouts of tennis. My tennis abilities are basic at best, but the camaraderie and encouragement from others in the group created a great vibe, and each ball I managed hit felt like a personal achievement and gave me the motivation to keep going.

The hour-long class passed quickly and by the end of it, I reflected that I’d really enjoyed exercising with others in a social setting and trying something brand new. Who knows, I may yet try my hand at playing a whole game of tennis in the not too distant future, with Cam’s tips and the post-exercise buzz still clear in my mind.”

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