Earlier this year Mood Active added a new Surry Hills location for our 8 week exercise programs. This is a great step forward for us and the mental health community, providing a better chance to treat depression and anxiety through exercise.

Unfortunately exercise is still under prescribed as a treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.. The good news is there are still fully funded FREE spots available! There is a wide range of classes available at various times throughout the week, including:

  • Body circuit
  • Yoga
  • Gentle body circuit
  • Walking groups

Located in and around Prince Alfred Park right next to Central Station, the classes cater for varying degrees of fitness ensuring that we can help treat your anxiety or depression, in a fun but challenging way!

If you or someone you know is interested get in touch on 0412 190 842 or email us to arrange a time to chat. We will respond by email or phone, whichever you prefer. Alternatively, your GP or psychologist/psychiatrist can contact us to assess whether the program may be of help to you.

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