Pauline’s experience

As I answer the phone a warm and friendly voice replies. We introduce ourselves and Pauline, 47, begins to tell me the significant impact Mood Active’s exercise programs have had on her life. I’m here to tell her inspiring story with the hope that others will read this knowing things can – and do – get better. That, given the right support, you too will have the tools to manage your Mental Health.


Pauline is a single Mum to two boys, 12 and 15, the youngest of which sustained a brain injury in 2013 subsequently changing their lives forever.

“It was such a traumatic time,” she tells me candidly. Pauline’s daily life had changed dramatically, and caring for her son became top priority. As a result, her and her partner separated. Understandably Pauline saw an increase in Anxiety and Depression. After experiencing such changes, Pauline bravely went to see a counsellor where she was given a flyer about Mood Active’s exercise programs. Her counsellor thought Mood Active would be perfect for Pauline as a combined treatment. For some, therapy and medication isn’t enough for long-term recovery and lifestyle changes can be the key component in improving wellbeing. That’s where we came in – the decision to contact us was the first step on a journey to managing her Mental Health.


The resounding response was that Pauline felt uncomfortable and intimidated at the prospect of going to a gym or classes – which many of us feel. Of course, support exists in the form of Personal Trainers at gyms, but high fees often get in the way. It’s also fundamental that you feel you are exercising in a safe environment with like-minded people.


Navigating the world with Mental Health disorder can be challenging. Mood Active prides itself on creating a supportive and comfortable space, which is so important for people like Pauline who would have otherwise felt too self-conscious to try classes.

“I learned a lot about myself and what I could do, I really needed the support of the teams at Mood Active. They made me feel good and encouraged me to give things a go”


Through our affordable exercise programs, which include a mixture of Yoga, Tennis and Circuit, as well as tips and support on how to maintain a healthy mind-set, Pauline was able to prioritise herself again.


Once Pauline had committed to the beginner 4-week program, she revealed that she not only did more exercise, but that she was supported in so many ways that hugely contributed to her confidence and commitment in attending the classes, “Mood Active really had my back, and that has helped me keep at it”.


Our team made regular contact and checked in on Pauline’s progress, encouraged and supported her through tough days and helped her to plan her days better. Pauline has since met others through Mood Active, forming beneficial and supportive friendships through the programs, including our passionate and experienced Coaches.


As Pauline began the 4 week course, she soon wanted to move onto the 8 week course and is now a long-standing casual – jumping in and out of classes and support when required. The positive impact the programs have had on Pauline’s life has been profound – changing her perspective, engaging with exercise and socialising with supportive people.


Pauline now manages her Anxiety and Depression and the tough days are that much less challenging. Stories like Pauline’s are why we do what we do and will continue on our journey to end the stigma surrounding Mental Health Disorder. Our mission is to make these programs accessible, affordable and beneficial for those who need it most.


If you, like Pauline, need some support, guidance or encouragement using our scientifically-backed process, try one of our classes and keep our programs running to ensure the survival of Mood Active and all that we do. It worked for Pauline – it could work for you, too.