Colouring can help boost your mood

We all have ups and downs. Sometimes the root of how we’re feeling all boils down to which side of the bed we got up from. Next time you’re feeling down, remember these quick wins to boost your mood, so you can feel happy and get back on track in no time. 


Have a break from technology

It’s great to be connected to the world around us, but sometimes social media and the news can leave you feeling anything but optimistic about the road ahead. Consider taking breaks from technology each day – even if it’s gradual to begin. Who knows… you might actually tackle the DIY project that’s been on your list for months with the extra time. You’ll feel much better for ticking that off your list. 


Do something you love

The options are endless, because this one is all about you. Express yourself by writing down your thoughts, drawing or painting something, or even dusting off your camera to take some artsy shots. If you don’t consider yourself the creative type and the thought of a colouring-in book doesn’t even excite you, snuggle up on the couch with your favourite TV comedy and enjoy some escapism. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. 


Eat a piece of chocolate

Eating chocolate is scientifically proven to boost your mood. Enough said? Guess you’d better make sure you always have a square on hand then. 


Declutter and organise

The process of Marie Kondo-ing one of your clothes’ drawers can help you feel calmer – that combined with the sense of accomplishment for finally getting it done (because let’s be honest, going through our clothes is never not on our to-do lists) is guaranteed to boost your mood. Done that? Look at the space around you and rearrange your furniture for a fresh update or switch out your incandescent light globes for compact fluorescent ones, which better replicate sunlight.  


Go outside 

According to colour psychologists, the colour green can make you feel happier. The best place to find green is outside in nature. Put your favourite podcast or upbeat playlist on and get out there!


Learn something new

Always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop? Or maybe becoming fluent in  Italian for that European holiday you promised yourself you’d always take? There are plenty of apps and videos on YouTube that can teach you anything and everything. It’s a great way to focus on something new and feel positive about achieving something. 



The reason exercise is on every list is simple: it works. Exercise therapy as a treatment for depression, anxiety and other mood disorders can be comparable – and in some cases more effective – to medication and psychotherapy. With that in mind, put your sneakers on and go for a walk outside, dust off that old skipping rope, play with your dog in the backyard or join a small group exercise class. If you’re really not in the mood to be active, sit on the floor and stretch your muscles out. Although it won’t have the same effect as getting your heart rate up, it will still make a difference. 

At Mood Active, we help people experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and other mood disorders – such as Bipolar, PTSD, SAD and more – get back on their feet through exercise. We offer affordable exercise programs with the extra outreach, coaching support and supervision needed for those who are struggling with their motivation. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.


Cover Photo by Customerbox on Unsplash