Meditation for the Min and Heart

Meditation can be a great way to help you battle mental health issues. It not only quietens down the mind, but can also help relax the muscles. In addition to which it’s accessible to anybody regardless of your strength or flexibility.

If you’re new to meditation, the idea of sitting perfectly still in silence for long periods of time might be a little scary. Don’t worry though, there are many different ways you can meditate (including while moving such as yoga).

Guided meditation is a great place to start as it will contain cues to keep your brain focused and should still help you relax. You can choose the best duration to fit in with your schedule.

Below is a short mediation for the mind and heart that Jan, one of the Mood Active trainer, has recorded. It will help you feel the connection to your heart centre and will allow you to slow down.

Jan teaches the Sunday morning Mindful Yoga class. To register for his classes contact us here or check out our schedule for more exercise classes.

Cover Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash