Specialised group exercises to boost your mood

We all know that exercise is good for our physical and mental wellbeing but often we need that extra something to get us to that place where we do it. Here are 4 reasons why specialized group exercises are for you.

You have something you want to address

Let’s face it- the majority of us exercise for a purpose: whether we want to lose weight, get fit or to uplift our mood. Specialised exercises help us address our personal goals and keeps us accountable. At Mood Active, our programs help you to elevate your mood and to address mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Exercising with others motivates you

Often when we exercise, the very presence of others is enough to motivate us. When surrounded by other like-minded people, we are more motivated and the social aspect also reduces unwanted thoughts and rumination. Think of it as a healthy way to get distracted. The added benefit of having a set day and time to work out with the same group of people puts structure and routine in place.

You benefit from having a trainer

Having a trainer is great as it allows us to ask questions and be guided by an expert. There’s no guesswork when you have an instructor who is structuring the program. Having the consistency of a person who is there to guide you through the process is also very nurturing- they know your style and can work with you to modify some aspects of the program. Mood Active trainers also provide additional support to help with any challenges you are facing as you go through the program. This includes support on the phone or via text.

It’s fun

Group exercises keep us motivated and engaged. Not only does the type of exercise engages us, but we can also feel motivated through the music or the environment we are in (eg: being outdoors in the sunshine). At Mood Active, Cardio Tennis is a new style of program which incorporates tennis drills, cardio and music which caters to all fitness levels- no tennis experience necessary either!


Cover Photo by Lucy Dunne on Unsplash