Ways to exercise while social distancing

2020 has been a difficult year. Not having close connections with others can impact our mental wellbeing. And it’s not looking like the advice to keep a physical distance from others is coming to an end any time soon.


While you can have all the phone and video calls you want, it’s important to stay active during times like these to remain optimistic. Here are three ways you can exercise while social distancing:


Go for a brisk walk

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise you can do. The trick is to walk faster than you normally do so you can get your heart rate up. Consider going to a nearby park to enjoy your brisk walk in nature – there are many scientific studies that link the outdoors and nature exposure to feeling well mentally – but consider going to a park that’s less busy or during off-peak time to ensure you stick to the recommended guidelines around distancing yourself from others. 


Ride a bike

Dust off your bicycle, pump up those tyres, strap on your helmet and go for a ride. Cycling builds your lower body strength and is low impact, which means it doesn’t put stress on your joints, so it’s a great option if you have bad knees. Aerobic exercise like cycling can improve your respiratory function and increases the amount of oxygen in your blood – great for heart health.


Try a virtual exercise class

If you need a coach or trainer to motivate you to exercise or enjoy the comradery of exercising with others, consider doing a virtual exercise class. You don’t even need to leave the house to do it. During COVID-19, Mood Active is running approximately 70 casual yoga and circuit classes a month virtually via Zoom, with four people to a class.


At Mood Active, we help people experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and other mood disorders – such as Bipolar, PTSD, SAD and more – get back on their feet through exercise even during social distancing times. We offer affordable exercise programs with the extra outreach, coaching support and supervision needed for those who are struggling with their motivation. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.


Cover Photo by Murillo de Paula on Unsplash