Did you know sultanas are really good for your memory?

A kid shoved one up my nose 20 years ago and I still remember it.

Exercise is a little like that for memory, there is some pain but if carried out with regularity, at least in 20 years time your memory will be in great shape.

Exercise does this by triggering a growth factor called Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor (BDNF)¹ a kind of fountain of youth for the brain.  

The good news is that most exercise seems to result in the body triggering it: resistance training (weights)², high intensity training³, even power walking ⁴.  

Longer exercise sessions seem to result in more BDNF being produced but anything over 20 minutes will result in a BDNF boost ⁵.

If you want to crank it up to one hundred, vigorous workouts of forty plus minutes are best⁵.  Burpee challenge anyone?  But if the bones are a little creaky and father time is looking down in bemusement a light jog or even a power walk will get you 75% of the way there ⁴.

It’s no forever fountain though.  One session will not do the trick.  You have to keep at it on the daily or, at least a few times a week².  

So if you’re concerned about memory loss, alzheimers or any other neurodegenerative diseases pick an exercise that you will enjoy and have a ball.

So get moving and never lose your keys again.


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