Mood Active is an exercise program targeted to people diagnosed with a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, post-natal depression, PTSD etc. Classes are run at locations in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – Kingsford, Randwick and Centennial Park. Both our class schedule and geographical reach will continue to expand into inner city Sydney and beyond.
Cameron Wilson is the Program Manager.

We utilise mood inventory tools such as the DASS questionnaire (the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales) and also measure the physical activity levels of participants, both on enrolling in the program and after 8 weeks of attending the required 3 classes per week.

We currently run between five and eight 1hr group exercise classes every week: Cardio Tennis, circuit training (indoors and outdoors), running groups and Pilates.

Our program is based on research that shows exercise is a valuable tool for helping to relieve depression and other mood disorders. Cardio Tennis is a fun fitness class done to music. Most participants who enrol in our cardio tennis classes are complete beginners.

Cardio Tennis coach Cam Wilson is highly experienced and Tennis Australia certified. All Mood Active exercise trainers are qualified and insured and have a high degree of empathy with the personal circumstances and barriers to engaging in regular exercise for people managing a mood disorder such as depression.

Our special expertise is in helping people diagnosed with depression get back on their feet using exercise!

Call Program Manager Cameron Wilson 0405 262 053 for more information about Mood Active.

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