Yoga Side stretch

A gentle 5-minute yoga practice to jump start your day

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Yoga is a great way to keep every part of the body moving. By bringing awareness to the body and the breath, it can also help quieten down our busy minds and boost our energy and mental health to help us not only get through the day but strive…
Cameron Wilson speaking on video about Mood Active

Checkout our new Mood Active Video Active is a group exercise program and also an exercise education program.So we're looking to engage people who are in what we'd call the low intensity needs into the mental health…


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Cam wears a lot of hats.He is our co-founder, head trainer, committee president, a qualified tennis coach and freelance travel journalist. He has also battled bipolar depression since his late teens, and relies on exercise to boost his own…

STUDY: Exercise can prevent depression

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This week new research was released from The Black Dog Institute which found physical activity can prevent depression.The international team included researchers from The Black Dog Institute, UNSW Sydney and Western Sydney University's NICM…
Stressed woman chewing on pencil doing test

What is the DASS and why is it important?

The DASS, Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales is a test used to measure negative emotional states of depression, anxiety and tension/stress.Developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the test involves 42 parts…
Man sitting on a pier amongst a lake and mountains

What happens to our brain when we exercise?

We all know that breaking a little sweat does wonders for our physical health, but there is increasing information about the benefits of exercise on our mental health. Research over recent years has discovered that simple exercise does wonders…

Shining a light on Mood Active: Q&A with Nicole Franke

Nicole Franke is a mother, a letter writer, and a Home & Away aficionado. After the birth of her daughter 23 years ago, Nicole was diagnosed with Bipolar and has been managing her condition ever since.Recently, she tried something new…

Free Funded spots in our Surry Hills classes available

Earlier this year Mood Active added a new Surry Hills location for our 8 week exercise programs. This is a great step forward for us and the mental health community, providing a better chance to treat depression and anxiety through exercise.Unfortunately…

Keep Moving and Boost Your Mood

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Exercise as Treatment for Depression and Anxiety At Mood Active we encourage people to keep exercising as a treatment for depression and anxiety, whether it be at one of our friendly exercises classes or simply getting into a routine of morning…