Pets to improve mental health

Pets can help improve mental health

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If you needed an excuse for having a pet, we can’t think of a better one than this: pets are important for mental health.  Research says that emotional support from a human-animal relationship can reduce the perception of stressful…
Beat the cold blues

3 ways you can beat the winter blues

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If your ideal winter day involves sitting on the sofa with a blanket, endless hot chocolate and Netflix, you’re not alone. Keeping warm and cosy and home can bring you short-term joy, but it can quietly catch up with you and put a damper on…
Journaling can help you manage our anxiety

How I’m managing post-lockdown anxiety

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To say the year 2020 has been unprecedented is an understatement. For those with anxiety, it can be particularly challenging. In fact, I’ve found that being in lockdown was less anxiety inducing than the lead up to the lock down and now our…
Specialised group exercises to boost your mood

4 reasons why specialized group exercises are for you

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We all know that exercise is good for our physical and mental wellbeing but often we need that extra something to get us to that place where we do it. Here are 4 reasons why specialized group exercises are for you. You have something you want…
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Nothing but the truth: Beating the winter blues

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What can we do to beat these winter blues? Find out in 'Nothing but the truth: Beating the Winter Blues', by The House of Wellness.Exploring Depression and Seasonal Defective Disorder, the segment features Mood Active Co-Founder and President…

Free Funded spots in our Surry Hills classes available

Earlier this year Mood Active added a new Surry Hills location for our 8 week exercise programs. This is a great step forward for us and the mental health community, providing a better chance to treat depression and anxiety through exercise.Unfortunately…
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Keep Moving and Boost Your Mood

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Exercise as Treatment for Depression and Anxiety At Mood Active we encourage people to keep exercising as a treatment for depression and anxiety, whether it be at one of our friendly exercises classes or simply getting into a routine of morning…
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Mood Active – An Exercise Program for Depression and Anxiety

Helping People Through Depression and Anxiety One of the key concerns for many referrers and direct enquirers to our program is whether participants can make it through the 8-week commitment 3 times a week. This is perfectly acceptable, given…
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Why Exercise should be Prescribed as Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

Lucy: “I've struggled since adolescence – clinical depression, then post-natal depression, then a diagnosis of bi-polar. I was on medication but the side effects were terrible. Five months attending exercise classes and I've started working…