The Ultimate Guide to Anxiety Disorders

This guide is written by Dr Susannah Ward, a Physician of Rehabilitation Medicine with a special interest in wellbeing and lifestyle health working in Newcastle NSW. She founded Ataraxia Collective offering talks, workshops, a blog and wellness…
Journaling can help you manage our anxiety

How I’m managing post-lockdown anxiety

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To say the year 2020 has been unprecedented is an understatement. For those with anxiety, it can be particularly challenging. In fact, I’ve found that being in lockdown was less anxiety inducing than the lead up to the lock down and now our…
Panic Attack

Anxiety & Panic Attacks – The Hidden Truth

Just a little stressed and dramatic?... If you've ever suffered a panic attack (aka anxiety attack)... I'll bet you wouldn't wish the experience on your worst enemy. And if you haven't... well I suppose you would most likely think it's just…
Panic Attack

Keep Moving and Boost Your Mood

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Exercise as Treatment for Depression and Anxiety At Mood Active we encourage people to keep exercising as a treatment for depression and anxiety, whether it be at one of our friendly exercises classes or simply getting into a routine of morning…