Panic Attack

Anxiety & Panic Attacks – The Hidden Truth

Just a little stressed and dramatic?... If you've ever suffered a panic attack (aka anxiety attack)... I'll bet you wouldn't wish the experience on your worst enemy. And if you haven't... well I suppose you would most likely think it's just…

Free Funded spots in our Surry Hills classes available

Earlier this year Mood Active added a new Surry Hills location for our 8 week exercise programs. This is a great step forward for us and the mental health community, providing a better chance to treat depression and anxiety through exercise.Unfortunately…
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Keep Moving and Boost Your Mood

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Exercise as Treatment for Depression and Anxiety At Mood Active we encourage people to keep exercising as a treatment for depression and anxiety, whether it be at one of our friendly exercises classes or simply getting into a routine of morning…
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Mood Active – An Exercise Program for Depression and Anxiety

Helping People Through Depression and Anxiety One of the key concerns for many referrers and direct enquirers to our program is whether participants can make it through the 8-week commitment 3 times a week. This is perfectly acceptable, given…
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Why Exercise should be Prescribed as Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

Lucy: “I've struggled since adolescence – clinical depression, then post-natal depression, then a diagnosis of bi-polar. I was on medication but the side effects were terrible. Five months attending exercise classes and I've started working…
depression and anxiety

Exercise and Depression

Mood Active is an exercise program targeted to people diagnosed with a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, post-natal depression, PTSD etc. Classes are run at locations in Sydney’s eastern suburbs – Kingsford, Randwick and…