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Getting the best out of your New Year’s resolutions

At the start of a New Year, it’s common to make New Year’s resolutions. These usually range from having a particular goal, forming good habits, or stopping bad habits. In the current climate where COVID-19 is still very much amongst us, it’s important to have something to aim for. However there needs to be a […]

How do we know we have strong mental health?

We’ve been talking about mental health a lot lately, particularly in regards to how to maintain strong mental health whilst we’re all experiencing challenging times due to COVID. However, what does it mean exactly? How do we know that we need to work on our mental health when it encapsulates such a wide range of […]

Positive things to come out of COVID-19

Think the year 2020 is cancelled and there’s nothing positive about it because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Looking beyond the obvious, there have been pockets of hope, kindness and human resilience shining through. Here are some positive things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. A shift in what matters and burgeoning community spirit During […]