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The Ultimate Guide to Anxiety Disorders

This guide is written by Dr Susannah Ward, a Physician of Rehabilitation Medicine with a special interest in wellbeing and lifestyle health working in Newcastle NSW. She founded Ataraxia Collective offering talks, workshops, a blog and wellness retreats.  She enjoys medical writing with several publications on health professional wellness and is currently a board director […]


Cycling Oz fundraiser for MoodActive

In March 2021, Sarah Davis, Mood Active Secretary and her friend Tara Lal will be embarking on a mammoth 5000km unsupported cycling journey across Australia. It’s all in the name of mental health and they will be fundraising for MoodActive and Lifeline. The adventure will start at the most westerly point of Australia, Steep Point […]

Two ClubGRANTS Wins for Mood Active

Thanks to the generous support of a few local businesses through ClubGRANTS, whose funding will allow Mood Active to offer 10 local residents in each region the chance to participate in Mood Active’s 8-week exercise coaching program for just $15 per week. Inner West ClubGRANT thanks to Petersham RSL and Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Clubs. Bayside […]

Does intermittent fasting work?

Intermittent fasting is growing in popularity at the moment as a way to lose weight. What’s attractive about this diet to many people is that it doesn’t focus on what you can eat. Instead, it’s designed around when you can eat. Here, our resident nutrition expert, Stephanie Yu, explains more.   The Harvard School of […]

Feeling down? Here are 7 ways to boost your mood

We all have ups and downs. Sometimes the root of how we’re feeling all boils down to which side of the bed we got up from. Next time you’re feeling down, remember these quick wins to boost your mood, so you can feel happy and get back on track in no time.    Have a […]