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Mood Active is a group exercise program and also an exercise education program. So we’re looking to engage people who are in what we’d call the low intensity needs into the mental health spectrum. People dealing with mood disorders, things like depression anxiety bipolar disorder. The four-week program is a combination of education and exercise. […]

4 Ways to keep active during the holidays

The holiday season is truly upon us. And while it can be one of the happiest times of the year – it can also bring a lot of stress and pressure. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and keep feeling the benefits of exercise over the holiday break. During the festive season […]

Tennis, music and company – stories from the Mood Active court

Mood Active volunteer, Theresa Lintvelt, was keen to experience the program first-hand and joined Cam for a session of cardio tennis. Here’s how she found her first session. “It was a cloudy Wednesday morning and I was braving Sydney traffic to get a first-hand experience of a cardio tennis session, run by Mood Active’s co-founder […]

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STUDY: Exercise can prevent depression

This week new research was released from The Black Dog Institute which found physical activity can prevent depression. The international team included researchers from The Black Dog Institute, UNSW Sydney and Western Sydney University’s NICM Health Research Institute. The research found people who were sufficiently physically active were at 15 per cent reduced risk of […]

What is the DASS and why is it important?

The DASS, Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales is a test used to measure negative emotional states of depression, anxiety and tension/stress. Developed by researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the test involves 42 parts (or 21 for the shorter version) each reflecting a negative emotional symptom. What does the test actually involve? […]


What happens to our brain when we exercise?

We all know that breaking a little sweat does wonders for our physical health, but there is increasing information about the benefits of exercise on our mental health. Research over recent years has discovered that simple exercise does wonders for things like stress reduction, managing depression, anxiety as well as other mental health issues. But […]

Anxiety & Panic Attacks – The Hidden Truth

Just a little stressed and dramatic?… If you’ve ever suffered a panic attack (aka anxiety attack)… I’ll bet you wouldn’t wish the experience on your worst enemy. And if you haven’t… well I suppose you would most likely think it’s just another lame excuse for someone who is stressed and dramatic – I can tell you […]