At the end of a year filled with fear, uncertainty and separation from family, Matthew Grove, a 46-year-old resident of Stanmore, has decided to end this period on a high note; still a challenge but one of his choosing, designed to help others.

On New Year’s Eve, Matthew will challenge himself to do 1,000 burpees as fast as possible. During this act of voluntary discomfort, he aims to raise $10,000 ($10 per burpee) through his network for Mood Active.

“Most of us will have discovered the link between our level of physical activity and our mood during 2020. For people with a mood disorder like anxiety or depression, pandemic restrictions can manifest themselves as an inability to participate in the most simple of tasks, such as leaving the house, holding conversations and making basic decisions,” said Matt.

“I’ve been managing my mental wellbeing effectively for the past 10 years mainly through exercise as well as some changes to my lifestyle and work. I’ve seen the difference this has had on me, and when I heard about Mood Active, I wanted to do something to support them because I’m a firm believer in what the organisation is trying to do.”

“I recognise this year has been a huge challenge for so many people – possibly more than ever before – so I wanted to make a small contribution to help Mood Active support people who are struggling. Whilst we have all experienced an unusual and unexpected year, it can still end on a positive and hopeful note.”

Read more about Matthew’s mission and donate.

See below for an update from Matthew since successful completing the Burpee Challenge. There’s still time to donate, so click here.